"LAM does a really good job of preparing kids for success here at Charter."

Daniel Nicklay, Coeur d'Alene Charter School Principal

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  • Tuesday through Friday 8:30am - 11:15am
  • 4 years old by September
  • All pre-reading skills
  • Letter sound per week
  • Letter recognition and handwriting
  • Weekly Chapel
  • Music and art curriculums
  • Maximum of 12 students per class


  • Tuesday through Friday 12:15pm - 3:15pm
  • For children who have completed the pre-Kindergarten class or are late turning five
  • Weekly music, art, and PE
  • An extra preparatory class before Kindergarten
  • 12 students per class



  • Master simple counting and ordering consecutively to 30
  • Master number recognition to 30
  • Master number writing 0–10
  • Patterning
  • Master one–to–one relationship to 30
  • Introduction to concepts of more, less than and same
  • Masters concepts of big/little; long/short; empty/full
  • Matches/sorts shapes and objects based on shape or size
  • Introduction to addition and subtraction
  • Calendar (months of the year, days of the week)
  • Introduction to denominations of money and coin identification



  • Master ABC order
  • Master recognition and naming of all upper/lower case letters
  • Short vowel and consonant sounds with appropriate letter
  • Orally produce groups of words that begin with the same initial sound
  • Orally produce rhyming words in response to spoken words
  • Identify spoken words that rhyme
  • Mastery of proper pencil grip
  • In-depth manuscript handwriting curriculum
  • Proper manuscript handwriting formation of all capital and lowercase letters
  • Uses left–to–right progression
  • Answers questions about a short story
  • Opposites



  • Name and use of five senses
  • Introduction to sorting and classifing objects into living and non-living categories
  • Introduction to weather and four seasons
  • Introduction to identifying the characteristics of the four seasons
  • Identify parts of the body (basic)
  • Temperature (basic)
  • Recognize and name primary colors
  • Beginning experimentation (cause/effect)
  • Simple measurements (basic)
  • Observation of everyday, familiar things
  • Dental health
  • Safety
  • Begining study of bugs



  • Age appropriate Bible stories/Bible verses
  • Real meaning of holidays
  • Attendance/participation at weekly chapel in sanctuary
  • Character development/morality



  • Children use a wide variety of instruments, techniques and music to explore and create
  • Opportunities to perform on stage
  • Learn the concept that they and others are musicians and dancers



  • Weekly-opportunity to use a wide variety of materials, media, tools, techniques and processes to explore and create
  • Two and three dimensional projects
  • Children discover that they and others are artists
  • Introduction to a variety of techniques and processes to create original works of art (i.e., drawing, painting, sculpting, printing, cutting, construction, collage, bending, folding, tearing, stapling, and taping)



  • Participation in sharing personal history and belongings
  • Master the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Introduction to globe and world map
  • Understanding and appreciating other cultures/traditions
  • Self respect and self awareness
  • Awareness of others



  • Spanish
  • Speech - Participate in Speech Meet


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