"LAM does a really good job of preparing kids for success here at Charter."

Daniel Nicklay, Coeur d'Alene Charter School Principal

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  • Tuesday through Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm
  • Rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Interactive science program
  • Beginning Spanish or Latin
  • Drama and public speaking required
  • Weekly Chapel, music, art, and PE
  • 20 students per class



  • Demonstrate understanding of computations (add, subtract, multiply & divide)
  • Add, subtract, multiply & divide decimals
  • Add, subtract, multiply & divide decimals
  • Solve algebraic equations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of geometric shapes & angles
  • Calculate area & perimeter
  • Identify congruent & symmetric figures
  • Analyze data to create bar and line graphs
  • Conduct probability experiments
  • Use coordinate grids
  • Add, subtract, multiply & divide measures
  • Calculate cubic units & volume



  • Use a keyboard with proper fingering.
  • Students will be introduced to iPads and iPad applications
  • Create PowerPoint presentations
  • Create MS Word documents



  • Scientific method
  • Classification
  • Plants and animals
  • Body structure and function
  • Ecosystems
  • Water cycle and weather
  • Earth science
  • Matter, weight and volume
  • Force and motion, and energy



  • Read & understand grade level materials with an emphasis on classic and historical literature.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of reading stories, at grade level, through completion of oral and written comprehension questions.
  • Apply reading strategies and skills using related workbook pages.



  • Parts of speech
  • Simple subject and simple predicates
  • Compound sentences
  • Use of punctuation
  • Contractions, homophones
  • Prefix, suffix
  • Compare-contrast essay
  • Poems
  • Use of resources: dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, almanac, periodical, thesaurus, internet, bibliography
  • Personal narrative
  • Biography
  • Play



  • Spell five content area words per week
  • Spell five individual words per week
  • Recognize one of thirty spelling rules per week and how they apply



  • Extend knowledge of map/globe skills.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of the time period between the British Empire and the Present.
  • Name significant leaders and characters of this time period and their impact on the world.
  • Identify the results of wars and their impact geographically.



  • Learn basic Latin alphabet, pronunciation of vowels and consonant sounds
  • Pronounce, spell and translate 125 Latin words
  • Understand the concepts of derivatives, English words that are derived from Latin



  • Bible Education
  • Music and Drama
  • Art
  • PE
  • Participate in Speech Meet, Spelling Bee and Science Fair
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