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Daniel Nicklay, Coeur d'Alene Charter School Principal

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Registration Letter for New Families 2019-20
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  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm
  • Rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Interactive science program
  • Beginning Spanish or Latin
  • Drama and public speaking required
  • Weekly Chapel, music, art, and PE
  • 20 students per class



  • Whole numbers: Ten thousands, hundred thousands, and millions. Approximations, factors, multiples, order of operations, and negatives
  • Four operations of whole numbers: Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fractions: Equivalency, addition and subtraction, mixed numbers, improper fractions, fractions of a set, and division
  • Geometery: Right angles, measuring angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, quadrilaterals and triangles, circles, solid figures and nets
  • Area, perimeter and volume: Area and perimeter of rectangles and composite figures
  • Decimals: Tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. Rounding, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Congruent and Symmetric Figures: Congruent figures, tiling patterns, line symmetry, rotational symmetry
  • Coordinate graphs and change in quantities: Coordinate grid, changes in quantities and graphing changes in quantities



  • Use a keyboard with proper fingering
  • Students will be introduced to iPads and iPad applications


  • Read & understand grade level materials.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of reading stories, at grade level, through completion of oral and written comprehension questions.
  • Apply reading strategies and skills using related workbook pages.
  • Age appropriate literature study
  • Book reports: Lunch bag report, Gallery report, Time machine report, free choice
  • Research reports: Animal report, autobiography, biography
  • Literature circles including Newberry winner books: a) Island of the Blue Dolphin, b) Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, c) Stone Fox, d) Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing



  • Demonstrate writing abilities through organization of thoughts, word choices, and sentence structure.
  • Use persuasive and expository writing formats, and write “friendly and “business” letters.
  • Write with correct punctuation, capitalization, and appropriate grammar.
  • Identify parts of speech.
  • Use dictionary and thesaurus.



  • Use the Spelling Power program to receive individualized words.
  • Use words in correct sentence structure.
  • Memorize twenty five spelling rules per week and how they apply.



  • Extend knowledge of map/globe skills.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of the time period between the Holy Roman Empire and The Exploration of the West in the United States.
  • Name significant leaders and characters of this time period and their impact on the world.
  • Identify the results of wars and their impact geographically.



  • The nature of science
  • Technology and the design process
  • Plants and animals
  • Ecosystems
  • Earth's resources
  • Earth and space
  • Matter
  • Energy and heat
  • Electricity and magnetisn
  • Motion



  • Learn basic Latin alphabet, pronunciation of vowels and consonant sounds
  • Pronounce, spell and translate 125 Latin words
  • Understand the concepts of derivatives, English words that are derived from Latin



  • Bible Education
  • Music and Drama
  • Art
  • PE
  • Participates in Speech Meet and Spelling Bee
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