"LAM does a really good job of preparing kids for success here at Charter."

Daniel Nicklay, Coeur d'Alene Charter School Principal

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Registration Letter for New Families 2019-20
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I wanted to send you an email to thank you for developing LAM into the amazing school that it is. Carter loves his new school and part of his love for his new school is how well he is doing academically. LAM created a strong foundation for him and set him up to succeed at any school he would attend in his future. I look at the curriculum of public school here in our new town and while we are focusing heavily on core content areas such as reading and math we put social studies, art, and science on the back burner. I just want to let you know that your strong curriculum in ALL content areas, and amazing teachers are the reason Carter is doing so well at his new school. When LAM says they are a "premier education," they are exactly that, premier! Your emphasis on every content area being equally important creates well rounded, intelligent children and I see proof of that through the eyes of my son. Thank you very much for your dedication to putting students first and meeting all their needs academically and spiritually. Without you, your school, the teachers, and the support staff at LAM Carter would not be in the top three in his class for reading and math. You helped me create a well rounded, kind, intelligent, thoughtful child whose love for God shows in everything he does. Thank you for helping shape my son into who he has become. We love LAM and miss it everyday. Be confident in the fact that your school is giving the education that all students deserve and that many other schools are not giving. It does not go unnoticed.

Shareana, Parent

This is our first year at LAM and I am thrilled to say we have definitely made the right choice!  We came from the public school environment where my child was bright but was often overlooked in the hubbub of activity that a classroom of 32 children naturally creates.  Now she is SHINING at LAM.  The smaller classroom size, commitment of her excellent teachers and an environment of loving discipline and expectations of achievable excellence resulted in my child going from feeling stupid to achieving honor roll in just a few months!  She is already on the math "Wall of Fame" due to the highly rated Singapore Math system used at LAM. Her reading fluency has skyrocketed and her writing skills have also dramatically improved.  The results are astounding to me because despite "after schooling" her during our public school years, she was still not achieving the way I knew she could.  It is her goal to attend Charter Academy and LAM is certainly preparing her for the challenge of Charter.  I am now confident that she will succeed there.  It is a testament to LAM, from Principal Shelly Matthews and Pastor Bob's leadership to excellent teachers, including our 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Dodson and all of the amazing staff, that they accomplish such amazing results in a loving and supportive, Bible based curriculum.  My child truly LOVES school now and has made wonderful, supportive friends as well. Our entire family has been so warmly welcomed by LAM, we truly feel we are a part of the LAM family.

Joanne Cree, Parent

Jadyn is thriving in the LAM enviroment.  In less than a months time at LAM she is back to loving school and her grades are showing great improvement.  I believe it is because of the great one-on-one teaching and the fact that the teachers actually care about the grades the students are getting.  We are very happy to have found LAM for Jadyn.

Mrs. Amy Peterson, parent

"We love the teachers at LAM and deeply value the school's teaching style and genuine kindness.  Thank you for being there to help my/our little Kyle learn about the world."

Linda Rohlinger, Parent


"LAM is Awesome

At LAM you get to learn about Jesus, which is so cool.

At LAM the teachers are so great.

You can learn anything at LAM.

Each words that the Teachers say is on fire.

Everybody has a talent so nobody feels left out.

Everybody gets along at LAM.

I love LAM my school

I am happy at LAM."

    -A.J., 1st grade student


LAM has not only been an exceptional school, it has also been like a second family to me and my children. LAM has the highest quality teachers, staff and curriculum. As a Christian school. LAM does not "preach" the Bible, the LIVE the Bible. They lead by example, and teach the ways of Jesus by teaching the values that He represents. LAM provides individual attention to each child, and is willing to tailor instruction or material so that each child can be successful. The teachers have given my children praise for the areas they excel in, and motivation and encouragement to overcome their struggles. I have been thrilled that my children have learned Christian values, Singapore Math techniques, hands-on science, Spanish, Latin and have participated in spelling bee's and speech meets. I know my children have an excellent foundation in their education, which will ensure them future success. We have also enjoyed the extra programs, such as running club, chess club, Lego league and art classes. I whole-heartedly recommend LAM to any family who is considering attending.

Nicole Bullick

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of the LAM Family. I've thoroughly enjoyed working in the BASP Program! I will greatly miss the shining faces and big smiles of all the kiddo's I've had the privilege to watch. I will keep LAM in my prayers and look forward to keeping in touch with visits!

Sharon Patterson, Former BASP Teacher

We had an opportunity to get Jenna into one of the best private schools in the country, through some connections, but they still require very rigorous testing. When they started the tests, they warned us that very few children can enter the program mid way due to difficulty. This is a school that have 100% college placement and with almost 75% entering Ivy League schools. Out of 44 graduates last year they had 15 National Merit Scholars. The testing program started her at a grade below (3rd grade) and just kept testing until she could not finish any answers. Jenna made it through 8th grade in several disciplines. The headmaster was very impressed and asked where she had been in school. We gladly told them about LAM.

Bill and Dancia Weiners

Our two boys’ combined ten years at LAM gave them a foundation that was both Christ centered and full of love.  They graduated from LAM confident and morally prepared for the rigors of Middle School.  Now as leaders in the classroom and positive examples to their peers, they continue to make us very proud.  LAM gave them opportunities to excel in academics which placed them in advanced classes in the years that followed.   We appreciate how LAM worked alongside us to prepare and help mold our sons into the promising young men they are becoming. 

Chad & Jennifer Dodson

LAM has always been more than just a school. It was a place that welcomed me and made me feel at home. LAM helped shape me into who I am today and taught me many useful concepts that I have used in my school and social life. Not only does the staff teach you academic knowledge, they teach you important life lessons that you will never forget. I received a very well-rounded education at LAM from the dedicated and loving staff. I am currently attending Lakeland High School. LAM has given me the strong foundation to be able to make good ethical decisions. During my time at LAM, I was also shown by example that Jesus is the greatest friend you can have. All in all, my time at LAM was some of the best years of my life and I will continue using the lessons I learned there for the rest of my life.

Kelly Ramus,

Graduating Class of 2009

For the last 7 years, the experiences my children have received at LAM Christian Academy have been unparalleled to anything I’ve ever known. It is not just the academic excellence that is of value, but the social, emotional, spiritual emphasis and support helping to shape our children’s character on a daily basis.

Maren Snyders

I am a retired public school teacher with almost 30 years of teaching experience...I was very leaery of and condescending towards private education.

In 2007, my daughter-in-law decided to put her oldest son in what was then the Lutheran Academy of the MAster. He had been having some social and discipline problems in a local public school. I was very skeptical of her decision. However, it wasn't long before his behavioral problems turned around through the nurturing and disciplined environment at LAM. His asademics also began to improve in a learning environment which made more demands upon his time, while keeping his interest fully engaged.

My time at LAM certainly erased my doubts about the efficacy of LAM versus public schools.

  • The low student-teacher ratio at LAM prevents students from "falling through the cracks", both socially and academically...
  • LAM is not subject to the continuous winds of change caused by the educational fads, which are constantly confusing and disorienting for public school teachers...
  • LAM has a vested interest in seeing their students advance successfully to the next levels of education...
  • The use of uniforms encourages a more peaceful and academic environment, avoiding the distractions of popular and questionable clothing styles...
  • There was never any disrespect towards teachers, nor was there any between the students

I would like to mention the incredible depth of professionalism that I experienced among the teaching staff at LAM. Not only did thet know their subject matter, they had very high standards for their students and for themselves. LAM was one of the most positive experiences of my long career. I am so thankful for that!

Karen D Lawson

We would like to thank you and your staff for the outstanding education our son received at LAM Christian Academy.  As you know, he started with LAM in pre-kindergarten and graduated from fifth grade last year. He is almost finished with his first year at the Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy, and we are very proud to say he has received almost all “A’s” since he started at the Charter Academy.  This is quite a feat as approximately 25% of his classmates at the Charter Academy have dropped out of the school due to their inability to keep up with the very demanding academic load required at this nationally ranked Top 100 school.  There is no doubt in our minds that had it not been for the exceptional quality of education that he received at LAM, our son would have struggled at the Charter Academy like so many of his classmates.  Please pass on our sincere appreciation to your staff for exceeding our expectations in the quality of education our son received at LAM Christian Academy.

John and Angelique Neirinckx, Parents

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